When you come to VARITAY STUDIOS for a portrait session we work to build an easy rapport to make the experience painless, and frankly quite fun. We are offering an experience. We want to see our clients in their raw form, guard down.  We want children to ham it up, give us wonderful silly, sassy, sweet or even naughty expressions. We are not afraid of high-energy families revealing their real-life range of expressions in a portrait that you can look at and say, ‘yep, that’s who we are!’ Even nervous or self-conscious high school seniors are able to project their emerging adulthood, mingled with the last vestige of childhood innocence so there are images from the session that satisfy everyone.

When they see the results, they’re completely shocked. We tell them, “Really, this is how the world sees you!” A new sense of confidence floods their face. They realize they have beauty, light and gifts to offer the world. Now the world can see them for who they are, and they can see themselves, too.

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