Projecting your company’s image to your customers and the public is a vital goal of corporate communications, and professional photographs are a key component in that process. Varitay Studios can capture any image you need, from portraits of officers and staff members to interior and exterior images of buildings and manufacturing facilities.

As photographers with more than two decade of experience in a vibrant and innovative community, we love participating in the process of helping our clients — corporate professionals and owners of small- and medium-sized businesses—hone in on the unique business brand that they wish to portray to their target markets.


At Varitay Studios we are proud to challenge the common perception that photos have to be “fake” and that most people are “not photogenic” enough to appear beautiful on camera. We call reticent, self-doubting clients to step into the light, relax and be themselves. When they are surprised at how much they love the results–we get to point out that this image represents the REAL them: the person that others love, enjoy, and respect. We help clients see themselves in a different light.

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