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As photographers, Camela Langendorf and Jeffrey Wilson knows firsthand the power of photography to reveal an authentic moment.

Originally trained as a physical therapist, Camela began her career practicing as a PT. But she soon realized that the medical profession—while fulfilling—wasn’t her true calling. “I was going through the motions,” she recalls. “I did not have a passion, and as a result, I became very unsettled in all areas of my life.” Photography changed all of that. For Camela, taking up a camera as a hobby inspired by her travels through the South Pacific during college was her first step toward finding her true self.

“Photography was a catalyst,” Camela explains. “It helped me find my identity, understand that being a model of what others wanted from me was not the goal of life. It helped me finally start living my truth. And I hope, through my photos, to help others live theirs.”

Jeff, by contrast, discovered his passion for photography much earlier in life. He received his first camera at age nine. By his teens, he was scoring publication credits in his favorite miniature railroad magazines. Also an accomplished writer, he for years combined his interests in photography, miniature trains and writing. Still, he admits his real passion emerged in sports photography. Catching those moments of action, struggle and drama on the field keeps him coming back again and again. He and Camela were friends for over 20 years before they decided to merge businesses.

“I’m excited to be joining Camela to form Varitay Studios,” he explains. “After years of picking each others’ brains about equipment, techniques, and composition, I’m happy to finally officially join forces. Our name, Varitay, expresses our mutual passion for capturing those truly authentic moments—whether in the studio, at the office or on the field.”

With their shared enthusiasm for that perfect shot, commitment to customer service and years of experience, Camela and Jeff bring an easy-going confidence to any session. They love to set a casual mood, making the time so fun and relaxed that families, businesses, teams and individuals can truly be themselves. Many of their clients describe this fast, friendly style as a truly “painless” experience.

In the end, however, it’s all about the results. “Jeff and I love seeing someone be totally surprised by their own picture,” Camela smiles. “We believe that’s our job: to put our clients in such an easy state of mind that their personality shines out and we capture that through our lens.”

For Camela and Jeff, and the entire Varitay Studios team, nothing could be more real than that.

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