Camela Langendorf

CAM PORTRAIT LInkedINAfter spending a life-changing semester at the age of 19 in the beautiful country of Australia and the South Pacific, I returned home excited to share my photos taken with my Olympus SureShot only to discover they lacked the energy and power that I felt in the moment I took them. Upon discussing this phenomenon with my father, he pulled out his manual Nikon SLR, introduced the basics of light and exposure to me, and my photographic journey began. Over the last decade I have continued to pursue his interest and I love how photography allows me to blend my desire to be artistic with my nature to be scientific (or maybe the other way around!). With the birth of my two sons, my focus has transitioned from shooting red barns and flowers to capturing the subtle beauty of children exploring and families connecting. My goal as a photographer is to catch a glimpse of people connecting to each other or within themselves by capturing the magic of light as it illuminates all of our lives.

Images by Camela began on a whim, quite honestly not the career or path I ever planned or imagined for myself. I graduated from UW-Madison and Concordia University in physical therapy and worked for 12 years in the field.  Those years as a PT were invaluable for me.  They taught me so much about respecting all types of people, whatever their size,  shape, color, background, intellect or belief.  In helping people to heal and recover, I learned that we are all so much more the same than we are different.  These lessons carry over into my current career and now with an artistic lens, the process of working with my photography clientele actually is not so different.   The form of healing is to help people appreciate and see how beautiful they really are.  At this point I cannot imagine doing anything else. The lessons I have learned about myself through running a business have been extremely rewarding, as well as, incredibly humbling. I am truly blessed to have had this opportunity fall into my lap.  ~Camela